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TPP: Like SOPA enacted in Secret

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Say No to Internet Censorship

They figured it out. The Internet refused to let them pass SOPA as a law, so big media’s lobbyists have pushed to include extreme Internet censorship in a secretive trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership[1]. It’s like they’re passing SOPA without a vote.

World leaders will be meeting for the first time as early as this week to solidify this agreement behind closed doors. This could be our last chance to stop Internet censorship.

We know from leaked drafts[2] that the TPP will make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed. Experts say the TPP could actually kick you off the Internet by implementing a “Three Strikes You’re Out” rule when dealing with possible copyright infringement.[3]

TPP negotiations have been going on in secret for some time now; there have been 19 rounds of negotiations over the last 5 years.

Officials have stated that they plan to “conclude the TPP discussions” in just a few days.[4]

We’re partnering with our friends at OpenMedia in Canada to unite around these demands. By taking action, you send a message to political leaders of TPP countries:

  • Protect the right of everyone to access the Internet in their daily lives.
  • Do not force ISPs to act as “Internet Police” monitoring our Internet use, censoring content, and removing whole websites.[5]
  • Preserve the democratic rights of sovereign countries to draft their own copyright laws.


This final meeting is happening in a few days.

This looks like our last chance to speak out against the huge damage the TPP will do to free expression online. Please send this crucial message by filling out this form.


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