We begin to move toward freedom: a conversation with Cecily McMillan

On May 8th I conducted an interview with Cecily McMillan. I had some questions prepared in advance by myself and a handful of the collective but the interview went where it went the way a... more

The Global Fight Against Corporate Rule

Activists across the globe are developing creative and increasingly effective strategies to challenge rules that grant corporations the right to sue governments. by Robin Broad and John... more

Preparations Intensify for Worldwide Wave of Action

Planning for this year's Worldwide Wave of Action has begun to take off in cities across the globe, as shown on the above map from WaveOfAction.org. The action will begin on April 4th, and... more

The Global Suppression of Protest

By International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations | 10/10/2013 This week the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations released a report about the crackdown on... more

Anger at corruption scandal prompts Istanbul street violence

Anti-government protesters clashed with police in Istanbul on Friday amid public anger at the corruption scandal gripping the country. by Lewis Smith | Friday 27 December 2013 Rocks... more

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, This is Dark-America

In 20th century science fiction, there is one particular story format that is often employed and is usually a fan favorite — the alternate or parallel universe, where the characters are the... more

This Is Your Revolution

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