Global Event

#OccupyM1 - May Day March

Date / Time: 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Event Organizers: 

MECHA/UCIR & The May Day Coalition


At the end of our All Day General Strike, we will finish off with a Great March, beginning at 4:30 PM.

Location: Meet in the parking lot at Commercial Center. See map below. The yellow lines indicate member businesses within the Commercial Center District:

March Route:
We will march west down Sahara to Las Vegas Blvd, then north up LVB to the Federal Building. The total distance is about 2.6 miles. See map below:

Details: Bilingual flyer is being created by MECHA/UCIR. Spanish-speaking media has been very supportive, both radio and print. A press release will be issued including all demands of all affinity groups involved. English and Spanish are covered, but volunteer translators are still needed for additional languages (contact Ballentine or come to the May Day Coalition meeting, Friday at Hoessel House, UNLV). We also need donations for bus rentals.

Final points:
1. Read the blog on the website about "Six Ways to Prepare for May Day".
2. Organize your workplace. Get people to have a sick day!
3. Provide transportation - we need that.
4. Help on flyer design & distribution (contribute your group's demands to MECHA for inclusion).
5. Learn about May Day!

Additional Info:
Last Minute Checklist here.
Flyers and Posters here.
May Day Planning Links here.
General Strike Forum Topic here.
May Day Coalition Forum here.


Ballentine, Kelly, Loly

"The proletarian revolution is that critique of human geography through which individuals and communities begin to construct places and events suitable for the re-appropriation not only of their labor, but of their total history. By virtue of the resulting mobile spaces of play, and by virtue of freely chosen variations in the rules of the game, the autonomy of place and the authenticity of life will be discovered."
- Guy DeBord

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