VeChain’s IoT and RFID to Conquer Billion-Dollar Market

• VeChain is leveraging IoT sensors and RFID technology to enter the billion-dollar market.
• The blockchain platform is designed to provide scalability and credibility for businesses.
• By using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensors and tags, VeChain can track data such as temperature, location, quality, and shipment movement in real-time.

VeChain Leveraging IOT Sensors and RFID Tech

VeChain’s blockchain platform is proving itself to be a one-of-a-kind network for businesses across the globe. The platform uses IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and RFID technology to position itself as a big player in the billion-dollar market. With this unique selling point, VeChain has partnered with over 30 leading firms worldwide.

IoT Technology Benefits

IoT technology helps to establish the connection between the physical world and the blockchain world by reducing human intervention when collecting data thus ensuring authenticity of all involved data. Currently there are over 14 billion IoT devices connected globally with an estimated increase of 26 billion by 2030.

RFID Sensors & Tags

Vechain adopted RFID sensors and tags which enable tracking of important data in real time including temperature, location, quality, movement etc., making it easier for companies to avoid losses due to missing shipments or other factors. They also designed waterproof tags mainly for clothing products which can help enhance logistics and sales on its network.


In 2017 they revealed they had designed RFID tags mainly for clothing products partnering with some top players such as Walmart China traceability system built on VechainThor’s public blockchain network that enables them to have full visibility into their supply chain operations including tracking of food products from farm to store shelves in 2 seconds!


All these features make Vechain stand out amongst its competition making it ideal for enterprises looking for a secure scalable solution with high credibility allowing companies access their own private permissioned blockchain or use public mainnet depending on their needs!