Shell, Vodafone, Volkswagen Join Forces with Polkadot, Energy Web for Decarbonization

• Polkadot and Energy Web join forces with Shell, Vodafone UK, and Volkswagen to drive decarbonization.
• Polkadot will provide blockchain technology to enable the transition to cleaner energy solutions.
• Energy Web representatives will appear on two panels at Polkadot Decoded and a main stage discussion on energy adoption.

Polkadot and Energy Web Join Forces in Unstoppable Decarbonization Drive

Polkadot (DOT) has joined forces with Shell, Vodafone UK, and Volkswagen as part of an unstoppable drive for decarbonization. The blockchain platform is helping these companies achieve their net-zero emissions energy goals by leveraging its superior technology together with Energy Web’s experience in achieving cleaner energy solutions.

Decarbonization Goals

The goal of this partnership is to enable electric utilities to digitize and integrate distributed energy resources while ensuring deeper transparency and verification for green supply chains such as sustainably produced Bitcoin or renewable electricity. On top of that, Polkadot offers best-in-class core technology, enterprise-grade security, and seamless upgradeability which make it the perfect choice for the task at hand.

Energy Adoption Discussions

Energy Web representatives will be appearing on two panels at Polkadot Decoded as well as a main stage discussion on energy adoption alongside Aventus Network and Heathrow Airport. These discussions aim to promote the use of blockchain technology in achieving decarbonization goals through providing competitive advantages for initiatives that have a positive environmental impact.

Shell’s Commitment To Net Zero Emissions

Shell has been committed to becoming a net zero emissions energy business by 2050 for several years now. The company hopes that this partnership with Polkadot will help them reach this goal faster than before by making use of advanced blockchain technologies provided by both platforms.

Price Surge After Announcement

Following the announcement of this news, DOT prices have surged around 5% over the past 24 hours – an obvious sign that investors are optimistic about the potential success of this venture into decarbonization solutions enabled by digital ledger technologies such as those offered by Polkadot Platforms like Ethereum or Cardano.