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volunteering what I can - skillset for breadman


I have no money or stuff to offer (in tiny apt on food stamps) but I can offer time, tools and expertise. Here's stuff I have experience in and if anyone sees uses for them, definitely find me and let me know. I'll be on site often if not daily. I don’t want to join a handful of teams, but I can be called upon any time to make use of any of this:

Fire Safety fireman 2 years
Food Safety certified food safety trainer 2 years
Security event security experience and general site security
Medic first responder for 2 yrs
Site Layout commercial real estate development 4 years, experience with Renaissance faires and boy scout camps
Ordained Minister
Government - Local I was very active with local government before I came to Vegas
Carpentry/building decades of experience and can build nearly anything (furniture, structures, etc)
General handyman I did this professionally for a while and can tinker with anything but engines
Public Speaking radio host once, teacher for a few years and pitched projects to investors local govt many times.
Bread I’ve been making fresh bread for a long time now and have been bringing some to occupy events – I can show others how,
it’s so easy and cheap.

just ask around on site for the breadguy if you think of a use for any of that.


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admin on 2011-10-24

Wow, a true Renaissance Man! Awesome! When you say "on site" do you mean the Occupy Site or the Website?

comment by Breadman
Breadman on 2012-03-1

I'd like to kick this post back to the top - I'm looking to be useful to occupy again. I know there are a bunch of Occupy factions/splinters/affinities in Vegas but any group that wants to be in the face of the 1% (without breaking the law) or help the 99% can call on me for whatever needs doing.

I should also add to the original post that I'm pretty good at fixing/building stuff and making lists to make things more efficient

@admin - when I originally posted I was referring to the physical Area99 site but now I'm less attached to any one group or location.

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admin on 2012-03-1

Righteous. I have a feeling we're going to need some mad buildin' skillz to top yesterday's custom casket delivery! :-D Good thing we have a little time to think about it...

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greenguy on 2012-03-2

Breadman, if you can make it to the New Occupy Culture meeting tomorrow at 4pm (send a message to the admin for directions) that would be awesome, we could use a guy with your skill set in the group!

comment by Breadman
Breadman on 2012-03-7

What's a New Occupy Culture meeting?
I've been out of the loop for a while and I don't know what that's about. If it's possible for someone who's more computer savvy to toss in a link that'd be awesomesauce.

I have no interest in being in any groups that make try to make leadership decisions and try to chart a course for the group, but I'd like to be an asset that can be called upon when needed.

Anyone who needs something can always send me an email here. I don't check it every day but I'll pitch in in any way I can. Tod has my number if there's some kind of crisis that needs immediate effort.


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admin on 2012-03-7

"It is the goal of this new culture to be a positive force upon the planet and prove to the old culture of people that this is not only possible, but also a more joyous state of being."

Forum here:

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FritzColburn on 2012-03-15

Anyone who needs something...

You got an empty couch?

comment by Breadman
Breadman on 2012-03-18

I have a couch that's usually empty half the day but not sure what you're askin for. With 3 small children I'm super-careful who I invite to stay in our home and with 5 people in a 2-bedroom apartment there's not much room but that's not to say it's impossible. Shoot me a private message and we'll see what we can do. =]

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FritzColburn on 2012-03-19

Although it is a legit need... it wasn't a serious request lol

comment by workerdave
workerdave on 2011-10-24

I am a worker, I work 12-hour shifts, and I consider myself part of Las Vegas as much as anyone. I certainly want you all here. I wish there were more people involved and I would like to see the strip occupied in such a major way that the world would be forced to take notice. I am going to bring by some kind of supplies when I can to the occupation site. Keep up the good work and remember that we truly are the 99% and we do have the power even if we are not exercising it at the moment. I firmly believe that things are beginning to change all over the world and the workers -- meaning everyone like me who has to work for a living, as opposed to the wealthy elite and their corporate operatives -- will prevail. By the way Mr. "Anonymous" (ROTFLOL) who posted elsewhere: who exactly is the "we" you refer to that doesn't want this protest and is looking into the funding, etc? Whoever it is, I know one thing -- we of the 99% outnumber you! I also know that when 99% of the people go up against the 1%, the 1% will certainly lose.

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