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Stop "Agent Orange corn" from becoming a reality

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Our food supply could soon be faced with a new wave of hazardous chemicals if a current request before the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is approved.

The USDA is currently deciding whether to approve a type of corn that is genetically engineered to withstand 2,4-D, a highly toxic herbicide and a major component of the Vietnam-era Agent Orange. This genetically engineered corn will allow 2,4-D to be used at increased rates to kill weeds, without harming the corn. If approved, it would massively expand the use of this herbicide in America.

I know you care about the food you eat - that's why you asked the FDA to label genetically engineered ingredients. Now we need you to speak out again.

Join our partners at the Center for Food Safety and urge the USDA to reject the genetically engineered 2,4-D resistant corn!

Before the USDA makes a decision, they want to hear from people like you and me. But they're only accepting comments from the public for a short period of time. We must make sure they understand our concerns about this new kind of genetically engineered corn!

Why are our friends at the Center for Food Safety so worried about 2,4-D resistant corn? Because numerous studies link 2,4-D exposure to major health problems, such as cancer, liver dysfunction, and Parkinson's disease. And farmers across the country are organizing in opposition because the herbicide can drift onto their farms, potentially harming their crops and families. You can help convince the USDA that approving 2,4-D resistant corn is not in the interest of American farmers or families.

With a simple click, you can help flood the USDA comment box before it's too late.

There's nothing more basic to our health and well-being than the food we eat. Together, we're taking a stand to protect our basic rights -- to know what we're eating, to choose for ourselves what we put in our body, and to safeguard our families from toxic chemicals. Join us, and let's make sure our government officials fulfill their duty to protect our food supply.

Thank you for contacting the USDA today and for bringing attention to these critical food issues.


Alex Duncan
Just Label It


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