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Prevent Fracking in Nevada! - MoveOn Petition

I'm Janice Keiserman, a MoveOn member in Henderson, Nevada, and I started a petition to Noble Royalties, Inc., President A. Scott Noble; the Nevada Legislature; and Governor Brian Sandoval, which says:
Noble Mining has stated that they intend to start fracking in Nevada about 400 miles northeast of the Las Vegas Valley.

Not only will fracking scar the land permanently, but very few permanent jobs will be created, at the expense of the air, soil, and water quality for millions of Southern and possibly Northern Nevadans.

Please help us stop mining and oil/natural gas corporations from destroying our state with fracking. We have abundant wind and solar energy opportunities in Nevada and should concentrate on those methods of supplying energy to the Western states. "Once you FRACK, you can NEVER go BACK!"

Fracking must not be allowed to move forward in Nevada. It would destroy our environment, because all the waterways are essentially connected in our desert's delicate underground ecosystem.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Janice Keiserman


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