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Planning for FF May 4

We will be at booth 15 & 16 at the Arts Factory on May 4th. The two adjacent booths will be run by OLV and ArtRebellion/Organized Kindness, and musical jams are expected to arise spontaneously. ;-)

Looking for volunteers to help setup, work the booth, and break down afterward.

- folding chairs
- flyers, stickers, buttons, etc
- any art you want to sell

FritzColburn's picture
FritzColburn on 2012-04-9

Before then we need to set up a day to get together and set up the canopy and get the entire booth set with all we need so we're not trying to figure out how to put what where.

Maybe invest in a few folding chairs (I'll keep my eye out on craigslist).

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Tod on 2012-04-9

Booth 1 was a tough location. Booths 15 & 16 should be much better. Plus we'll have AR/OK next door to help bring da flava. But I also wanted to mention we should bring some random eye-catching decorative stuff. Colored lights, disco balls, whatever.

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Peace on 2012-04-10

I'm throwing out ideas, viable or not, just to get them off my mind. ;-)

Maybe create a small banner that names the booth "OccuArt"

An art rack with canvas could be made of pvc pipe and rounded corner connections for display of all kinds of art. Just needs a handy person and someone to sew the canvas.

Things that could sell would be mugs with Occupy art that would withstand the dishwasher.

If we can think in terms of making some money to invest in making more money, we might make some headway.

I am trying to think in terms of producing traditional art for sale, but that takes me inspiration, talent, and time. ;-)

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admin on 2012-04-11

"Art by Occupiers" is what Dhalgren was thinking. JR and Taz are the only fulltime artists in the group, so stocking that art rack may take some time. But it looks cool.

We have a 3-level magazine rack and books by Rev Gail and Greg Acuna. I wish we had a third book because of the law of threes. I have copies of my stuff, but somehow I don't think the First Friday crowd will go nuts over "Kingdom of the Desert Jewel: A Companion Module for the Shadow World Roleplaying Game System". :-)

I'm gonna stick to working the booth and playing the guitar.

Fritz has an idea to finance a buttonmaker. That's an excellent idea, people seem to eat those up.

We're also planning to print some vinyl bumper stickers (designed by Peace) before next FF. I think those should sell too.

Keep the ideas comin', kids!

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Peace on 2012-04-11

Hard to come up with ideas on a budget, but I will throw out a couple anyway. Who knows, maybe someone will get an inheritance, or a mystery donor.

Promo items:

Heat press: (Quality important)

Before you choke over any prices, consider that if OLV invested in a quality heat press, we could produce and sell things to other Occupies at a discount. That might pay for the machine rapidly, while helping other Occupies as well on costs.

Needs to be thought out carefully, and any machines carefully reviewed from different sources. Some presses may not have good track records.

You can't be sure about your book. There might be someone who would be just right for that. Doesn't hurt to display it. If it gets some people to stay and look longer out of curiosity, that would be good.

If I can manage to do some art, I will matte it for presentation. No frame though. Have to see how my eyes are after surgery.

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admin on 2012-04-11

Re Heat Presses...

I found a few at Amazon. I've added one of them to my "OccupyLV wishlist".

Peace's picture
Peace on 2012-04-12

I think there is alot more to researching a heat press than selecting one. Perhaps Panic knows more.

I've spent over an hour trying to find where that machine is made. No luck on finding the manufacturer PowerPress!

I wanted to check so we would know what the repair or parts replacement options are. Could be an important factor, especially if made in China.

Some reviews weren't that great, with a remark or two about this being a starter machine.

Some of my questions would be...

  • Where made
  • How to obtain repairs and part if necessary
  • Warranty
  • Manuals (none listed as contained in box & reviews complain about lack of decent instructions)

Further checking on the ePhotoInc, the seller, gave more information.

They are importers, so most likely this product is manufactured in China.

Here is some information from their website.


UPS ground shipping in the lower 48 States USA! - However we do not cover return shipping back to us for refunds or exchanges. Please note, we do not pay for any customs duties or taxes that may apply to your order.


We offer a 30 day return policy however we charge a 20% restocking fee. If you want to return the purchase please include your order number and reason for return

Interesting that Amazon says original price is $699, ePhotoInc sells for $449, Amazon reduced price is $399.

Just to get an idea of another option, check out this site that sells US made heat presses. Some compromises may be necessary, but you could start lower and save for more later. Worth thinking through.

They offer upgrade and trade in options, extended warranties, free tech support.

Here is another aspect to my research. Sublimation printing and inks needed for the design. An HP printer won't do.

I think this site is very educational just looking around.

comment by crowandcactus
crowandcactus on 2012-04-27

Hey there, I'm trying to get up some funds so I can pull the community center (outhouse haha) for the Shoshone Walk & Run. They'll be walking along Highway 95 from Tonopah to the Nevada Test Site, and my truck is going to be hauling the most important piece of equiptment for the first three days. I need to make about a hundred bucks ideally for gas.

Is there any way I can table for donations? I also have art and stones and zines I can sell for donations.

It would be supporting indigenous soverignty and local issues. Would it be alright for me to join you guys? Does this goal seem realistic? Thanks for your feedback, I'll see you guys down there!

comment by crowandcactus
crowandcactus on 2012-04-27

Ha, by the way I'm a long time activist and I was involved in Occupy up in Oregon, so I'm not coming out of left field here.

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Dhalgren on 2012-04-27

Although the Arts Factory Crew is a semi-autonomous group, the money spent on the table and made at the event is the whole group's money. Thus, I feel uncomfortable answering your question without getting consensus on it. Perhaps the best thing would be for you to attend Spokes Council on Wednesday, and make your proposal from the Open Floor.

To answer regarding this coming First Friday in particular, we've all agreed by consensus to designate all of the proceeds earmarked for an upcoming action (the Portland Exchange Project). On most nights, the informal standard is to split the take 50-50 between the artist and the OccupyLV treasury.

We are interested in working with you, but again... We would have to reach a consensus before utilizing a group resource.


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