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I voted for Barack Obama and even worked at OFA HQ during the Harry Reid campaign. But Obama LIED about issues very important to Americans, namely Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, and lopsided trade deals with South Korea, Panama, & Colombia.

Are you tired of watching Emperor Obama fiddle while Rome burns? Michael Moore seems to think that the Federal Govt is behind the recent attack on Occupy sites. Here is his interview on Keith Olbermann:

Here is the article in the MN Examiner to which he refers:

(Did you see the size of Moore's butt under the table? The only places he has been occupying are the couch and the refrigerator.)


Nevada State Democratic Party
1210 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite 114

Organizing for America
Near intersection of Sahara & Jones

Anyone want to join me in visiting these offices to demand:
1. an explanation from Obama about attacks on Occupy sites and
2. a clear statement of his position on the Occupy movement?



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PhilosophicAnon on 2011-11-20

I agree 100%, let me know what I can do to help plz.

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Spartacus The Slave on 2011-11-22

It seems that I am not the only one with this idea. Read the note in Obama's hand. Why does the President remain silent while police beat the crap out of protestors?

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Spartacus The Slave on 2011-11-26

Are you sure that you don't want to call on NV OFA and the NV State Democratic HQ? Rhodes scholar Naomi Wolf has just accused President Obama of colluding with Congress to order the coordinated attack on the Occupy sites.

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admin on 2011-11-27

dontcha think? Coming up...

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admin on 2011-11-29

This item has received 5 pushes and will be on the next agenda.

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admin on 2011-12-24

This was split into two proposals. The first (OFA) has been postponed indefinitely pending more information. The second (Dem HQ) has been approved by consensus and also split into two: both Democrat AND Republican HQs will be actioned. Discussions for these actions are linked below:

Occupy NV State Democratic Party HQ
Suggested Date: Jan 21

Occupy NV State Republican Party HQ
Suggested Date: Feb 4

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Spartacus The Slave on 2012-01-2

OFA is Barack Obama's re-election organization. It is separate and distinct from the Democratic party and does not always agree with the Democratic party.

Organizing for America is located at W. Sahara & Jones:
2475 S. Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV

Search both websites and you will see absolutely nothing about the NDAA, the greatest act of treason ever committed by an American president.

I have posted Occupy news and NDAA news on their facebook, but they always delete it. That's freedom of speech in the 21st century.

OFA is essentially a religious cult, centered on the infallible personality of Jesus Obama, kind of like North Korea's Kim Jong Il. Its brainwashed members (I used to be one) fall into one of three categories:

1. Hispanics who are still hoping that Obama will make their illegal alien cousins legal residents, so they can get those 13 pregnant farm workers out of their attic.

2. African Americans who believe that Obama is their new victim-hero, just like Malcolm-X, ML King, Bill Cosby, Urkel, OJ Simpson, and Michael Jackson. They take great delight in watching Obama shred the Bill of Rights and Constitution with the NDAA. After all, the Bill of Rights and Constitution never applied to black people anyway. These documents did not protect Africans from slavery, and they are still 10 times more likely to get shot during a routine traffic stop than white people.

3. Gay men who are hoping that Obama will make it legal for them to marry and divorce their boyfriends. (Gay women are usually more private and do not advertise their sexuality.)

So OFA basically appeals to your genitalia, and provides an outlet for people who do not fit in the Democratic party. I have tried talking to them about the NDAA. They either refuse to listen or invent apologies for their god.

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