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New Culture Team Meeting Time

When shall we get a f2f meeting together? What days are good? We need to get some new culture awareness up in here, fast. And I ain't talking about permaculture.

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EverLoveRain on 2012-02-13

Weekends are best for Panic and I. Saturday evening or afternoon. Then we can play music after the meeting to help encourage the culture of bonding time though fun and music. When the weather is nicer the backyard is good for the kids to play too. Plus the kids love the music.

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greenguy on 2012-02-14

I'm twinkles up on the idea of the weekend - I do have some ideas to propose as to what this group will be about and ways in which we can proceed that will productive.

Currently I'm looking at this in two parts:

1. Learning why there is a collapse coming and how to survive it (no, I'm not talking about the Zombie Apocolypse...there are some really serious things coming and I can prove it)

2. How to rebuild before, during and after it.

If it sounds too much like a doomsday cult, then consider this - we all know something is f^$&#@ up with the way things are now, why not figure out and work on fixing it in the sense of how WE want to live? Whether that collapse comes or not can be besides the point - I personally don't want to focus on the negative.

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Tod on 2012-02-14

Ok, how about Sunday afternoons? We can then take that positive energy straight to the Circle.

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99percenter on 2012-02-15

Very interesting post yet again; I would love to hear more.


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EverLoveRain on 2012-02-15

I think Sunday afternoon will work great once we have the GAs in a park, then the teams, and or affinaty groups can all meet at the park before the GA's to have their meetings. That way the exchange of inforation can be easy. Until we move the GA i am happy with having meetings at my house on Saturday afternoon evening or Sunday early afternoon at my house would be fine too. The only issue with meeting at my house is the amount of people, as long as I dont get my neighbors to mad, LOL. I am happy to host until then and I am sure my neighbors wont mind, most of the kids here are outside my house on the weekends as it is. Keep me posted!!

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greenguy on 2012-02-15

Are we trying to avoid having them at UNLV? I have to mention that I don't drive - but have no problem taking the bus just about anywhere reasonably close to that area (like not a two hour bus trip) - I'm just asking for consistency in the place as much as possible because it takes research to figure out which bus to take, the times, etc to get to a new place.

comment by rhdobson
rhdobson on 2012-02-15

So what is this group about exactly. I've gotten an explanation from Green Guy but I still don't get it. Now, Phase 1 is not a "survivalist"group like those who prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse (although I think preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse is a very good idea.) Well, what collapse are we preparing for? Green Guy explained to me that it is for the fall of the dollar, basically. Well when is this going to happen? From what I have been told, this is something that may take a while. From my personal experience, there are a number of senarios that can take place that can change this wilderness known as America for good. Epic natural disasters, WW3, Global Pandemic, and general f**k-uppery can happen tomorrow. Now I know that the issues with fiscal decline are the most relevant to what we do. But if you will look at the events of the past years, even now, you would find that those scenerios are just as relevant. Case in point:

Hurricane Katrina
Current Riots in Europe
Japanese Tsunami and Subsequent Nuclear Meltdown of Fukishima
The rash of Flu Scares

The list goes on. And those are things that have happened already. It's easy to prepare for the things you see coming. Preparing what what you don't, makes the difference.

As far a Phase Two goes: That requires a fundemental change. Not just in the way we govern, the way we do business, it requires a fundemental change in the way we live our lives. The old systems of governance, economy, and sociology will be drastically changed. Is this about what will happen or what we will do? What will happen in the future, to me, is that we will go to a tribal system (as is told in Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower.) But that can go so many ways. Tribal Socialism, Democracy, and Totalitarianism will rear it's heads, most def. Not mention anarchy. And with those ways of life come different advantages and disadvantages. How do we deal with that?

My best input and advice is:

Get to know the locals. Case in point: Local businesses, craftsmen and women, farmers, ranchers, and anyone else who works with their hands. I find that these groups have had the efficiency and adaptability to deal with the harshness of their environment.

LEARN A CRAFT: Do you know how to: Fish, hunt, sew, cook, hunt, work on cars, do you know medicine, machines, computers, how to work with anything but yourself. If you don't: Do you have drive, intelligence, compassion, a willingness to live, love and to have justice? Then you can make it. No matter what.

Find your principles: What you could abide by and what you could not. It makes the difference always. Even in the trivial-ness of a local movement. Just ask those who participated in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Sometimes the fight to where you want to sit on the bus can mean life and death.

Learn Your History!!!!!: My Grandmother was a woman, like most in her generation, had to deal with things that we can only, at this point, only fathom. And the thing about my grandmother, is that she wasn't the only one to deal with that crap in her generation. The people of THAT GENERATION had to get it how they lived. The resolve and determination of our past will always dictate (more than most)who we are as Americans. We have always been the people who spit adversity in the face (then kicked it in the b*lls.) Don't belvieve me? Just look at my point:

Martin Luther King
Mother Jones
Benjamin Franklin
Harvey Milk
John Muir
Cesar Chavez
Father John Hughes
Crazy Horse
Frederick Douglass
John Brown
Susan B. Anthony
Jordan Hirabahi
Chief Sitting Bull

And many others. If those aren't enough for you: Look into your own history. See the own people in your hometown, birthtown, state, local, national world who challenged the machine and won.

I know that I just slipped into a slice of Americana that NO ONE wanted to go into. But this thing, I feel, could be a thing that prepares us. It will prepare us for the upcoming whatever, it will prepare us to overcome, and it will prepare us for what comes next.

Occupy is, in a sense it is a movement to change the fundemental way we live. So how do we get there?

I hate it when Ameicans say they hate America. It is the land of my people. YOUR PEOPLE!!!! This is a country that each and everyone of our fore-fathers fought for. It is not the home they were born into, it is the home they fought for.

It is Occupy's job is to continue fight for it.

Good people, we have to fight. It is insanity to think we wouldn't have to. Those who have come before us had to.

The question is: After whatever dust has settled. What is it that world will it be. Is it a world we will be proud to raise our children in or will it be business as usual.

Make up YOUR mind people. The clock is ticking. In the words of Mr. Gil Scott Heron: Who will Survive in America?

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admin on 2012-02-16

Ok, back to the topic of meeting time & location. For times, I like the idea of holding them just before assemblies, to keep the energy positive & building. For location, I'm not married to UNLV, but I do think it's a very good location and most of our members do seem to come from either the east side or central.

If I may interpret ELR's post, I think she and Panic like to hold things at their house because their youngest child isn't old enough to entertain himself, and they both want to contribute to the New Culture project. Although their house is a bit far south, I can still do it either way.

What about yall? Perhaps we should get a straw poll on that? How many prefer UNLV, and how many prefer near the beltway? Seems like we've got one for each (ELR & GG), and one "standing aside" (me).

PS - We can run a livestream for the babysitting parent ;-)

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