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I need ideas for FF 3/2

I need ideas for the next first friday. Since I'm probably going to have to pawn my laptop later today so that I can eat and smoke I need ideas for portraits to work on until I get it back. I'm already thinking John Lennon, MLK and Bono. Any others?

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Tod on 2012-02-27

I'm bringing the easel over to you today. (Please don't get paint on it!)

I'll bring some water too.

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Dhalgren on 2012-02-27

Dude, you should totally do the Vendetta (Anonymous) mask.


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FritzColburn on 2012-02-27

Dude, you should totally do the Vendetta (Anonymous) mask.

That just popped my brain. I could totally do some sugar skull styled maybe tribal style Guye Fawkes masks.

@tod... how am I gonna get paint on it when I don't use paints? :p

Tod's picture
Tod on 2012-02-27

Alrighty then!

After I finish today's calls (after 5), I'll bring it over and I'll bring a template for the Guy Fawkes mask too.

Expect Me.

FritzColburn's picture
FritzColburn on 2012-02-27

Then I need to get printing while I can since it's to the pawn shop shortly after

Tod's picture
Tod on 2012-02-27

Give me a call, I'll come over whatever time you want. Or I can just drop it off.

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FritzColburn on 2012-02-27

It's pointless. I won't be doing any portraits. Nor am I going to have anything to do with the encampment from here on out. I have had the last bit stolen by ingrates that I have spent over $1k in the last 2 months trying to help. Then thank me by F'n stealing from me. Countless packs of smokes and drinks from my car food and now my sketch book. So I have no materials for them. They're on their own as far as I'm concerned.

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Spartacus The Slave on 2012-03-6

Fritz, you hater!

You sound like Spartacus. You should be happy that encampment meth heads stole your shit. Addiction is a disease, not a choice. Meth heads need to be loved like Downe Syndrome children and breast fed cougarlicious meth milk. If the encampment junkies could not sell your shit for drug money, they might get shot by an angry home owner, or attacked by vicious guard dogs, while trying to burglarize somebody's house.

You should also be happy that the campers stole your smokes. Smoking caused your economic predicament. Las Vegans are laughing at all the "Occupiers" who complain about corporate greed and whine about air pollution from Nevada Power’s coal fired power plants, yet are so spineless that they cannot go 15 minutes without sucking on an addictive drug manufactured by the 1%, solely for the purpose of making you weak, sick, stupid, medicated, controllable, and dependant.

See link between IQ and Smoking:

See link between Income and Smoking:

See link between Education and Smoking:

See link between Mental Illness and Smoking:

If that is not enough to offend your sense of fairness, I’ll bet you did not know that tobacco companies are among the most profitable in the world.

Altria Group (parent company of Phillip Morris and Marlboro):
Altria 2011 Profit Margin = 3,390.00/23,800.00 = 14%

Reynolds American Inc (parent company of Camel):
Reynolds 2011 PM = 1,406.00/8,541.00 = 16%

Exxon Mobil’s Profit Margin for 2011:
41,060.00/486,429.00 = 8%

NV Energy Inc earned a paltry 163.43/2,943.31 = 6% profit margin in 2011.

Why no proposals to occupy a tobacco distributor? Don’t want to piss off your dope dealer? Maybe you’re afraid that he might raise the price of your tobacco dope?

Infant mortality rates and smoking in Nevada:

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Anonymous (not verified) on 2012-03-6

Also typical.

Ignore button pushed.

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Anonymous (not verified) on 2012-03-6



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