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I demand fair and secure elections!

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admin on 2011-12-20

This is a HUGE issue. Even if you believe voting works and the electoral college really represents the people (hah), and even if you think the two-party system is functional (double hah) - how do voters keep faith in voting with these known, proven flaws in the system?

The world would work perfectly if open-source network programmers designed everything. ;-) Unfortunately the electoral system was built by secondary psychopaths paying back favors from primary psychopaths.

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Anonymous (not verified) on 2011-12-21

Every bill, Every Election should be voted on by the people through online republic voting system.It can be done and every American will have his or her vote counted.

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99percenter on 2012-01-3

No Photo ID Required to Vote in GOP's Iowa Caucus

IOWA - read the hit list of what to monitor/photograph

Live Vote: Predict the winner
Who do you think will win the Iowa caucuses?...

Ron Paul

Tonight's Iowa Vote Count To Take Place At Secret Location


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99percenter on 2012-01-3

2012 Iowa Caucus Results

Iowa Caucus 2012 Results Exit Polling Numbers


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99percenter on 2012-01-14

Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global Internet Voting Firm Buys U.S. Election Results Reporting Firm
Posted on January 13, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog

The Ability to Commit Vote Fraud is Becoming Push-Button

[Preface by Washington's Blog: This development comes at an interesting time, when Ron Paul supporters, progressives and the mainstream media are all discussing potential vote fraud.]

By Bev Harris, Black Box Voting

In a major step towards global centralization of election processes, the world’s dominant Internet voting company has purchased the USA’s dominant election results reporting company....


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99percenter on 2012-01-23

...The process itself was conducted behind closed doors and witnesses could only view individuals working on computers (there were no paper ballots) – but they were unable to actually see what was on the computers themselves. Because the vote counting took place in a closed room, there was no sound available to any of the witnesses either. Only a computer screen tacked onto the wall was available for witnesses in order to view what was allegedly happening on the computers in the next room.
This is particularly concerning since the South Carolina State Constitution states that, while votes are to be cast in secret, they are to be counted in public....

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina's attorney general has notified the U.S. Justice Department of potential voter fraud....

In a letter dated Thursday, Wilson says the analysis found 953 ballots cast by voters listed as dead. In 71 percent of those cases, ballots were cast between two months and 76 months after the people died. That means they "voted" up to 6 1/3 years after their death....


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admin on 2012-01-24

The Iowa G.O.P. admitted that it had misplaced the January 3rd caucus results from eight precincts, and that a new tally showed Rick Santorum had won, not Mitt Romney, as was previously reported.


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99percenter on 2012-02-16

Clear Evidence Republican Party Committing Voter Fraud!

The evidence is mounting that Ron Paul actually won Maine by a landslide, and the Maine GOP are desperate prevent that.

Maine: 162 Towns with No Caucus Results. WTF.

The 2012 GOP Primary: Unmasking the Vote Manipulation


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99percenter on 2012-02-20

This article, originally titled "More On The Maine Republican Party's Stolen 2012 GOP Caucuses - And How It Appears They Did it...", was written by Brad Friedman and originally published at

The infamous quote attributed to Josef Stalin is oft-used, but far more frequently ignored. But it has never been more apt: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."...



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