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Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet (Forum)

By Joe Kloc on August 19, 2013 In an effort to buck the expensive rates of unreliable corporate telecom companies, a community in Athens, Greece has created its own private Internet. Built from a network of wireless rooftop antennas, the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) now has more than 1,000 members. Data moves “through” the AWMN mesh up to 30 times faster than it does on the telecom-provided Internet.

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The "Universal Living Wage" concept (Forum)

...The most intriguing minimum wage proposal I’ve seen is, like the plot of a Jason Statham movie, diabolical and cruel in a way that warms my heart. Its called the Universal Living Wage (or “ULW”) and what it would do is pit landlord against employer in a series of city by city political death races. In turn, cities would compete against each other for new employers in a benevolent race to the bottom. The end result would be higher wages and lower housing costs without adding a penny to the federal budget. Let’s go to the tape…

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Egypt Appears Close to Collapse (Forum)

Taking a peek at the news today it seems that Egypt's military is ready to overthrow the governement in what the US media is calling "A coupe" - With all of the uneasy and chaos in what is by all means a modern, civilized country, it makes me wonder - how far off are the rest of the civilized countries from falling into war-torn messes? And, is this just the tearing down of the old to make room for something new? Will it be something better?

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The future home: self-sufficient in meat, fish, vegetables and fruit (Forum)

An experiment in self-sufficiency will transform a previously derelict Manchester printworks according to so-called vertical urban farming techniques by Jonathan Brown | Monday 10 June 2013 Future homes and workplaces are set to be transformed into complex food production systems becoming self-sufficient in meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, according to research due to go on public display in Britain for the first time next month.

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State Bank of ND Shows Socialist Banking Works (Forum)

North Dakota, socialist haven? By Les Leopold | Friday, Mar 29, 2013 09:28 AM PDT North Dakota is the very definition of a red state. It voted 58 percent to 39 percent for Romney over Obama, and its statehouse and senate have a total of 104 Republicans and only 47 Democrats. The Republican super-majority is so conservative it recently passed the nation’s most severe anti-abortion resolution – a measure that declares a fertilized human egg has the same right to life as a fully formed person.

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Why This CEO Doesn’t Own A Car: The Rise Of Dis-Ownership (Forum)

by: Lynn Jurich Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich knows a thing or two about our society’s increasing shift toward the sharing economy. I know it may seem odd for a business executive, but I don’t even own a car. We’re living at a time when a major shift in attitudes is bringing on a new era--one in which people get more value by owning less property. And this shift holds the power to change all of our lives, for the better. While it’s not the traditional American dream, it makes sense if you think about what’s defining America today: An era of sharing

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'Hacker Scouting' - Kids Learning To Tinker (Forum)

by Jon Kalish | December 23, 2012 Countless kids have grown up with the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts or Campfire Girls, but for some families, the uniforms and outdoor focus of traditional Scouting groups don't appeal. In recent months, Scoutlike groups that concentrate on technology and do-it-yourself projects have been sprouting up around the country. They're coed and, like traditional Scouting organizations, award patches to kids who master skills.

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The Great Remembering (Forum)

As a culture, we've grown up with the obscuring lenses of the Great Forgetting glued to our eyes. This isn't something that will be undone by any one author - or by any ten authors. Nor will it be undone by any one teacher or by any ten teachers. If it's undone, it will be undone by a whole new generation of authors and teachers. One of which is you. The world will not be saved by old minds with new programs. If the world is saved, it will be saved by new minds - with no programs"

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A Case for Utopia (Forum)

by Peter Maurin co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement The world would be better off if people tried to become better, and people would be better if they stopped trying to become better off. For when everyone tries to become better off, nobody is better off. But when everyone tries to become better everyone is better off. Everyone would be rich if nobody tried to become richer, and nobody would be poor if everyone tried to be the poorest. And everybody would be what [s/he] ought to be if everybody tried to be what [s/he] wants the other fellow to be.

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Things to Seek Alternatives For (Forum)

I found this on the People's Assemblies website, it was part of an Assembly Statement from Occupy Utrecht. In it, the Utrecht Occupiers spell out a number of concerns they feel Occupy should be looking at and addressing with alternatives - what George Lakey calls "Parallel Institutions". As we know, it is not enough to point out the shortcomings of the current system, because people still identify with their investments in it (including - most significantly - their psychological investments), and therefore you need to show them another way.

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FAULT LINES Take a look at this video and hopefully you will realize the same types of things that I just did. Occupy is NOT fading away, it's only just begun - it has just begun to lay the ground work of our new world. A world in which WE THE PEOPLE are in power of our own lives. In which decisions are made from the ground up instead of the top down. Consider what has already been accomplished. We have general assemblies that work on a direct consensus, in which groups of people do the things that they can all agree on. It's not always pretty but IT WORKS. We have our own type of communication, hand signals to let who ever is speaking know how we feel about what they are saying.

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Conservitives are Crazy ? (Forum)

Bicenntenial of Luddite Lawlessness Written by Bruce Walker Thursday, 15 March 2012 09:33 Is technology and industry good or bad? There is no moral answer to the question. Certainly there are happy men and women who worked in old trades exchanging the material benefits of technology for the comfort and emotional satisfaction of keeping alive old ways of work. The delightful town of Williamsburg in Virginia or the equally happy Silver Dollar City in the Ozarks are filled with folks whose joy is preserving the making of horseshoes, candles, rock candy, and many other products whose manufacture is a part of our history.

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Free online green building class (Forum) peace

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What is a Resilient Community? (Forum)

Thought this was a great site for those interested in this area: peace

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New Culture Team Meeting Time (Forum)

When shall we get a f2f meeting together? What days are good? We need to get some new culture awareness up in here, fast. And I ain't talking about permaculture.

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