May Day Strike Flyers & Posters

The red one is by Peace. [Available in letter size and 4up versions.] The BW ones are by Fritz. The multicolored one comes from Occupy Los Angeles.

Please print, copy and distribute like crazy!


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admin on 2012-04-8

FYI - The JPG artifacting seen in the image above is a byproduct of the website's resizing process. The actual image (click the big image above) is much sharper.

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Peace on 2012-04-8

That is great to know, Tod. I forgot to make my layers into PS Smart Objects for resizing. That usually helps, but ruins the image for changes. I have to save a before and after.

Now, I won't worry about it so much, and I only need one version.

Thanks so much for the info!

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Peace on 2012-04-8

Couldn't help experimenting. ;)

I converted my layers to Smart Objects and it didn't help. Guess it only helps for resizing for printing.

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