Outliers to the Front! CrimethInc. presents VORTEXT and TERROR INCOGNITA

Contributed by: b. traven | April 8, 2012 at 8:13 pm


In times of high activity, it’s easy to get absorbed in the quotidian, responding to every opportunity and crisis and abandoning more playful pursuits. Yet in so doing WE LOSE OUR GREATEST STRENGTH. If anarchist practices are finally gaining currency, it is because they’ve had time and space to gestate at the margins, outside the logic of narrowly goal-oriented thinking. THOSE WHO DOMINATE THE PRESENT ABDICATE THE FUTURE: one must step back from the demands of this world to attune oneself to the secret tremors hinting at worlds to come.

Lest we lose our edge, THE EXPERIMENTATION COMMITTEE has been hard at work on a new publication, VORTEXT, the contents of which HAVE NOTHING TO DO with the recent surge of social movements. Vortext explores speculative philosophy, nihilist performance art, black magic, and MAXIMUM FUCKING ULTRAISM, celebrating the nonfunctional, non-productive, and irrational. OUTLIERS TO THE FRONT!

Each copy features a lovingly letter-pressed cover and further printing STOLEN FROM OUR FUCKING ENEMIES. Proceeds from Vortext, HOWEVER SCANTY, will offset the legal expenses of the various contributing FELONY DEFENDANTS. We encourage readers to support the Asheville 11, surely among the most NONFUNCTIONAL, NON-PRODUCTIVE, AND IRRATIONAL anarchist defendants of recent years.

Vortext is to anarchist literature what ÜMLAÜT was to hardcore and the MARQUIS DE SADE was to political prisoners. Vortext is the perfect gift for every fugitive trying to figure out what Wittgenstein can tell her about FACING CONSPIRACY CHARGES. Vortext is NOT FOR EVERYONE and it’s probably NOT FOR YOU.

This first and possibly last issue includes, inter alia,

  • A Prelude • Midnight on September 11/In Praise of the Jumper
  • A Manifesto • Beware the Experimentation Committee
  • A Demand • Join the Experimentation Committee
  • A Libretto • Passionism, Consonance, TERRIBLE FREEDOM
  • A Communiqué + Recipe • “Wiccans” Claim Attack on the APD
  • A Play • The Anarchist Panel Discussion
  • A Lecture • All the Terrible Things We Do to Each Other
  • A Cenotaph • Self-Destruction
  • A Fable • The Magician and the Needle

A very limited number of copies are were available for order online. Paper copies have now sold out, watch for PDFs in coming weeks. Each comes with a copy of TERROR INCOGNITA—for a total of 148 pages of reading.


Into the Unknown: Terror Incognita

posted by ret marut | April 8, 2012 at 8:12 pm

We are pleased to present TERROR INCOGNITA, an outsize barnacle clinging to the hull of Vortext, a meditation on seduction, desire, and insurrection.

Why do liberals label nearly any form of direct action as violence? What do queer black blocs have in common in with Christian hardcore? Why are anarchists so hung up on breaking windows and fucking?

In three interlocking movements, TERROR INCOGNITA answers all of these questions and more, while overturning some of our deepest assumptions about desire, identity, strategy, and freedom.

“Consent, Seduction, Violence” asks if we can build our politics as well as our sexuality around a discourse of consent. Offering a new analysis of violence and nonviolence in the context of consensus reality, it recasts anarchist resistance as a form of seduction, rooted in invitation, transformation, and contagion.

“W(h)ither Queer?” provokes us to examine how anarchists use the term “queer,” and why this is significant. Assessing queer identity as a post-feminist signifier and an eroticizer of insurrection from the dance party to the black bloc, it challenges us to move beyond the safe spaces of identity into the terror of the unknown.

“Terror Incognita” concludes the triptych with a journey beyond the boundaries of civilization into terrorism, secrecy, and terrible freedom. Along paths as disparate as Islamic theology, surveillance technologies, and medieval mapmaking, it charts an anarchist cartography of subversive peripheries and unknown directions, illuminated by the erotic force of terror.

TERROR INCOGNITA abounds with sexy and shocking vignettes, articulate but controversial claims, strategic insights, and a steamy undercurrent of sex and violence. Incisive, fresh, provocative, with classy design by the Troletariat, Terror Incognita invites you to the edge of a cliff—it’s up to you to step off.

against consensus reality – for unreasoning rebellion
against fixed identity – for desertion and disruption
against every map – for every terrortory

A very limited number of copies are were available for order online. Paper copies have now sold out, watch for PDFs in coming weeks. Each comes with a copy of Vortext—for a total of 148 pages of reading.


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