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Missing Occupier - Have you seen this girl?

UPDATE Jun 4 2012: Monika Arnett has been found. This post was made on Mar 16 2012, and is kept here for historical purposes only. Thank You to everyone who helped spread the word - IT WORKED!

Monika Arnett, age 16, was last seen on March 5th near the area of West Flamingo & Rainbow. She was an attendee of the very first GAs on the north side of the Student Union in Sep/Oct of last year. Have you seen her?

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comment by good_mourning
good_mourning on 2012-03-16

...if we could somehow get better/more photos of Monika. This was pointed out to me as "***** ******'s daughter is missing!!!", and while I'm 99.9% that isn't her, I can see where the confusion crept in.

Fingers crossed, all over Twitter, etc.

admin's picture
admin on 2012-03-16

Click on the little pic for a bigger pic. It's the only one we have, I cropped it from the missing persons report.

ETA: Whoever told you that this had anything to do with ***** ******, must have a hard time reading.

EATA: I called Nevada Child Seekers and told them what we know. The woman I spoke to said there have been no other reports. I gave her my number and let her know we are distributing the flyer via the Occupy network. Keep it up, yall.

comment by good_mourning
good_mourning on 2012-03-16

They are the same(ish) age and not dissmiliar looking, particularly if you're used to seeing one of them in a crowd/haven't seen one for awhile (even I had to stare for a few moments and wonder if she'd colored her hair); given blended family situations, surnames don't necessarily mean much.

Or instead of trying to narrow down possibilities and find leads we can just, y'know, rag on people who are trying to spread the word and help find a missing kid. Either way!

FritzColburn's picture
FritzColburn on 2012-03-16

Found on Twitter not sure if it's her though.

There's another Monika spelled with a "c" and she's in Washington. Not the same girl.

comment by Anonymartyr
Anonymartyr on 2012-03-17

I really hate to shit up such a worthwhile thread, but muzzling anons, and now editing comments at whim?

admin's picture
admin on 2012-03-17

Request from named party, not the same girl anyway, no biggie.

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